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AJ Chemical Lubricants & Equipment Co., Inc. was established in January, 1994 and incorporated in Virginia as a distributor and reseller. The company was organized by Algie Jones Sr., who serves as President.

In 2000 AJ Chemical Lubricants & Equipment started manufacturing automotive brake fluids, such as silicone brake fluid (DOT 5) and DOT 3 and DOT 4. We also produce antifreeze/coolant fluid, Fuel Additives, Hydraulic Fluid Arresting Gear Fluid, Aircraft Fuel Deicing Inhibitor and Transformer Oil as well as other chemical products.

In 2003 we began a Specialty Chemical Manufacturing division that has a strong expertise in Silicone Polymers, Gels, Defoamers and Specialty Silicone Emulsions.

Many of these products are used in industries such as Mold Release,Food Processing, Water Treatment, Ink & Coatings, Personal Care, Auto Care Products and Industrial and Institutional Industries. In 2006 AJ Chemicals started another division that manufactures and meet the needs for Environmental Friendly GREEN Products.

AJ Chemical provides chemicals, lubricants and specialty chemicals to governments on the Local, State and Federal levels.We have also begun to market our products globally in an effort to reach out to start a partnership-distributorship world-wide. The mission of our business is to deliver products that are specifically designed for the needs of the end-users. We intend to fulfill this mission by giving extra effort to addressing customer needs through quality service and superior workmanship.

AJ Chemical office is located in Richmond, Virginia, and our Manufacturing Facility and Warehouse is located in Hamilton, New Jersey, USA.